A 30 Day Journey to


Unlock the empowerment and instructions you need to restore from the inside out



Life is worth fighting for.


I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma at the beginning of the Covid pandemic.


I was unable to speak, walk or eat. My diagnosis took me, a born-again believer, from feeling like I was untouchable to being crushed in spirit. Fear, doubt, and pain became a familiar friend - but God showed himself faithful.


This is why I'm sharing my story. I believe that healing happens spiritually before it manifests physically. As you adorn your battle armor to tackle the physical war of sickness that you are against, be sure to fortify your soul. Your spirit transcends all physical bounds and abilities.


I want to invite you to use this book to ignite hope, walk in healing, and live your happily ever after.

To anyone going through a tremendous health struggle; be strong, be strong, and may you be strengthened! 


                                                Daniel Evers

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"As you read the pages of Daniel's experience, you too will be blessed and inspired by the mindset of a real person who overcame a devastating sickness, one day at a time."

Pastor Ronald E Smith Jr.

"Daniel has brilliantly connected the healing power of worship and mind-body therapy while injecting life into each page!"

Dr. Jasmine Morris, ND

"I was searching for some support when I was diagnosed with cancer, Daniel's story gave me hope, direction and a fire to win."

Greg James, Fitness Coach